3 Reasons You Should Hire A Public Adjuster

Insurance can be a complicated issue. If you’ve had a loss at your home or commercial property, you understand how challenging it can be to navigate the ins and outs of your policy.

The good news is that you don’t need to take on this task alone. You have the right to hire your own adjuster, called a Public Adjuster, to represent your best interests

Here are 3 reasons you should hire a public adjuster:

1. Protect Yourself

Many people find themselves in a situation where they’ve spent years paying premiums on a homeowner’s policy, yet when the time comes to actually file a claim it is either denied, or the settlement offer is so small that it doesn’t adequately cover the damages.

A good public adjuster will a review your policy and advise you on your coverage rights. And while it can be difficult for a property owner to fully understand all the intricate details of an insurance policy, Public Adjusters settle claims every day and know all the ways insurance companies try to avoid paying out.

Public adjusters can also advise you when it comes to whether or not you should agree to do something the insurance company is asking you to do. Frequently, insurance companies will ask you to sign certain documents that may mean that you are effectively signing over your rights before you are paid in full. Someone that isn’t involved in the insurance business might not fully understand this. When you have a public adjuster on your side, you can simply hand the document over to them, and they can explain to you whether or not you should sign them, not to mention the course of action that you should take next.

2. Level the Playing Field

You’ve just had a disaster strike at your home or commercial property. You call your insurance company, and they tell you that they’re sending out their adjuster to assess damages, and determine how much you get paid. But that adjuster works directly for the insurance company, isn’t that a conflict of interest? Yes. In fact, the reason that insurance companies employ their own adjusters is to limit their financial exposure.

The insurance company has their own adjuster, shouldn’t you? Unlike the adjuster assigned to your claim by the insurance company, a public adjuster represents you and is legally obligated to act only in your best interests. Having a public adjuster on your side ensures that you’re treated fairly.

3. Maximize Your Compensation

It takes a real claim professional to properly adjust and estimate a claim and negotiate a full settlement based on the terms of the policy. It’s a public adjuster’s job to resolve the case with the best possible financial outcome for you. But how much impact can a public adjuster have on the final settlement offer? In some cases, the final settlement is 10X or more the initial offer from the insurance company.


If you’re dealing with a significant property insurance claim, the last thing you need is to have more problems with the insurance company. You need to the claim to be paid out quickly so you can get the home repaired or replaced and move on with your life. Hiring a public adjuster is one of the most effective ways to accomplish this goal. Understanding the intricacies of their job can help you better understand exactly how they can help you and why you should never file a significant insurance claim without their assistance.

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