5 Tricks Insurance Companies Use to Delay or Avoid Paying Out on Your Insurance Claim

When disaster strikes your home, your insurance policy can be a lifeline. You pay your premiums on time and expect fair treatment when you file a claim. Unfortunately, insurance companies, like any other business, aim to maximize profits. Sometimes, this can lead to tactics that delay or even deny rightful claims. At Stark Loss Consultants, we’ve seen it all. Here are five tricks insurance companies might use to avoid paying out on your claim.

Requesting Excessive Documentation:

One of the most prevalent strategies is bombarding claimants with requests for documentation. While ensuring a claim’s legitimacy is vital, some insurance companies take this to the extreme, hoping you’ll miss a detail or become too overwhelmed to continue. Always keep meticulous records and be prepared to provide them, but recognize when you’re being unfairly burdened.

Misinterpreting Policy Language:

Insurance policies are notorious for their complex language and fine print. Sometimes, adjusters might interpret vague policy terms in ways that favor the insurance company. It’s crucial to read and understand your policy, and if something seems unclear or you believe you’re being unjustly denied, seek a second opinion.

Offering Quick, Lowball Settlements:

In the aftermath of a disaster, you may be desperate for funds to start the recovery process. Recognizing this, some insurers may offer a quick payout that’s significantly lower than what you’re entitled to. While it’s tempting to take the immediate cash, it’s often worth it to hold out for a fairer assessment and settlement.

Delay Tactics:

Time can be a powerful weapon. Insurance companies know that the longer they drag out a claim, the more likely you are to settle for less, or even give up entirely. Delaying tactics can range from frequently changing adjusters to “losing” your paperwork or not returning calls. Persistence is key; don’t let them wear you down.

Disputing the Extent of Damage:

An insurance adjuster might argue that the damage to your property wasn’t as severe as you claim, or that it was pre-existing and not covered by your policy. To counteract this, take extensive photos and videos of the damage as soon as it happens and consider getting estimates from independent contractors.


It’s essential to understand that not all insurance companies or adjusters will employ these tactics, but being aware of potential pitfalls can help safeguard your rights and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. If you ever feel overwhelmed or that you’re being unfairly treated, consider seeking help. Public insurance adjusters, like us at Stark Loss Consultants, are here to advocate on your behalf, ensuring you get a fair settlement.

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