Commercial Property Claims vs Homeowners Claims: 5 Key Differences

Homeowner’s insurance and commercial property insurance claims are similar in some respects, but they have important differences. Commercial property insurance claims are more complex than homeowners’ insurance claims, requiring additional paperwork and evaluations before reimbursement is offered.

This complexity can create lengthy delays in the settlement process, making it difficult for business owners to get their operations back on track quickly. To ensure a successful claim resolution, public adjusters are an invaluable asset when filing commercial property insurance claims. They understand the complexities of these types of claims and can provide expertise in navigating the details that make them distinct from homeowners insurance claims.

Here are five ways commercial property insurance claims differ from homeowners’ insurance claims, and why hiring an experienced public adjuster can help:

Expertise in Commercial Property Insurance Claims

Commercial property insurance policies often have more complex language than residential policies, making it difficult for anyone without expertise in this area to understand. A public adjuster is fully versed in understanding and interpreting the specifics of commercial property insurance policies, which they can use to make sure your claim gets paid quickly and accurately. 

Scope of Coverage

As businesses tend to have more expensive assets than homes, public adjusters will be able to provide a comprehensive understanding of the scope of your commercial property insurance coverage. This can help you determine what items are covered, and whether or not you need to look for additional coverage through other policies. 

Legal Requirements

Public adjusters will be familiar with the legal requirements that govern commercial property insurance claims, such as filing deadlines and specific documents that must be provided in order for the claim to be processed. They can make sure all filing is completed correctly and on time so there won’t be any issues during the claims process.


Commercial property insurance claims require a greater amount of documentation than homeowners’ insurance claims due to the size and complexity of most businesses’ assets. Public adjusters are well-versed in the documentation that must be provided for a successful commercial property insurance claim and can help make sure you have all the information on hand to complete the claims process.


Public adjusters are experienced negotiators who can use their expertise to ensure you receive a fair settlement from your commercial property insurance claim. Without public adjuster assistance, it is possible for your insurer to undervalue or deny certain items of coverage. A public adjuster will be able to negotiate on your behalf to get you the best possible outcome from your claim.

When filing a commercial property insurance claim, public adjusters can be an invaluable asset in making sure everything goes smoothly and quickly. They understand the specific requirements of these types of claims and can provide the expertise necessary to get you a successful settlement.

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