Guide to Filing A Water Damage Claim

Water damage can cause a significant amount of damage to your property in a very short period of time.

Unfortunately, many property owners are not aware of the range of exclusions written into water coverage. Water damage claims can be difficult to navigate alone. Here are some takeaways to remember when filing a major water damage claim:

Gradual Vs sudden damage

In most cases, the insured is expected to maintain a minimum level of upkeep to their property. Failing to correct a chronic problem, like a pipe or roof leak over a long period of time will likely result in a denial once the claim is filed.

Take steps to reduce the damage 

Most insurance policies will require property owners to attempt to alleviate the water damage to the property as soon as it’s discovered to prevent it from spreading. If the water damage gets worse, other conditions such a mold and rotting could occur. The key is to make sure you put forth an effort to minimize any water damage as soon as it comes to light. Failure to do so could result in a claim denial.

Keep evidence 

Always take videos and photos of the affected areas. This is important when proving the cause of damage, as well as when and why it occurred. Showing the cause of a major water loss at your property will be one of the most important aspects of filing your claim.

Have your own expert

As mentioned above, filing a major water damage claim can be challenging. One way to level the playing field is to hire an experienced Public Adjuster to represent your best interests.

A good public adjuster will review your policy and advise you on your coverage rights. And while it can be difficult for a property owner to fully understand the intricate details of an insurance policy, Public Adjusters settle claims every day and know all the ways insurance companies try to avoid paying covered losses.

Have questions about your property insurance claim? Feel free to contact Stark Loss for more information about how a Public Adjuster can help.

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