Ice Dam Insurance Claims: 3 Tips

Before filing an ice dam insurance claim, it’s important to understand the basics of ice dams and how property insurance works. A public adjuster can also help navigate the process and maximize your ice dam claim settlement. Here are three tips for filing an ice dam insurance claim:

Review Your Policy

Know what is and isn’t covered by property insurance. Most standard property policies cover ice damage caused directly by ice dams, but they may not cover losses resulting from negligence or pre-existing conditions that make a property more vulnerable to ice dams. Talk with your insurer and a public adjuster if you’re unsure what is covered under your policy.

Document the Damage

Document the damage as soon possible after it occurs. Make sure to take photos or videos of the ice dam or ice damage and keep detailed records. These records will help prove your ice dam insurance claim to the insurer.

Get a Public Adjuster to Help

Get a public adjuster on board early. A public adjuster is an expert who can assess the ice-damaged property, evaluate related losses, negotiate with the insurer and ensure a fair settlement. They will also ensure that all requirements are met by you and the insurer in order to expedite filing the ice dam insurance claim.

With these tips in mind, filing an ice dam insurance claim doesn’t have to be overwhelming or complicated. Having a good understanding of property insurance coverage for ice dams and working with a public adjuster can maximize your settlement and get you back on track as quickly as possible.

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