Ice Dam Insurance Claims: What You Need to Know

What is an Ice Dam?

As a homeowner, winter can bring with it potential issues. One common winter issue is ice dams. An ice dam occurs after a large snow fall when melting begins. The melting snow runs down your roof and then refreezes as it settles at the edge of your roof. Snow begins to melt because of poor insulation in attics, and then makes its way down and refreezes, resulting in an ice dam.

What kind of damage can an Ice Dam cause?

Ice dams can cause both visible and invisible damage to your property. Shingles can appear damaged or begin to slide because of excess water. As far as unseen damage, water can seep into the structure of your attic and even insulation. If this goes unnoticed, mold and mildew will likely begin to grow, causing even more damage to the structure.

What should I do when I file a claim?

As soon as you realize that you have an ice dam, begin to document the damage. It may be tempting to begin to remove the ice dam yourself, but it is highly recommended to use a professional as situations such as these can be dangerous.

It is a good idea to take photos and document all damage so that everything is addressed, and the insurance adjuster can get the full picture. Filing your claim as soon as possible will allow for it to be processed and remediation of any damage can begin.

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