Navigating Winter Storm Claims: A Guide for Property Owners

Winter storms can wreak havoc on properties, leaving owners facing significant damage and daunting insurance claims. Understanding the steps to navigate these claims is crucial. Stark Loss Consultants specializes in guiding property owners through this complex process, ensuring a fair settlement.


Damage after ensuring safety, the first step is documenting damage. Take photographs and videos of all affected areas, making sure to date them. List all damaged items and, if possible, their value. This documentation is vital for insurance claims.

Contacting Insurance and Hiring a Public Adjuster

Notifying your insurance company immediately. However, before filing a claim, consider consulting with a public adjuster like Stark Loss Consultants. Unlike insurance adjusters who represent insurance companies, public adjusters advocate for you, the policyholder. Our team ensures your claim is accurately filed, maximizing your settlement.

Understanding the Claim Process

Winter storm claims are often complex. They involve assessing structural damage, potential water damage from melting snow, and more. Our experts at Stark Loss Consultants help you understand the nuances of your claim, ensuring you’re aware of every detail throughout the process.


Dealing with winter storm damage can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to face it alone. Stark Loss Consultants offers expertise and support, making the claims process as smooth and favorable as possible for you.

Have questions about your property insurance claim? Feel free to contact Stark Loss for more information about how a Public Adjuster can help.

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