Property Fires: 3 Types of Hidden Damage You Should Be Aware Of

A fire can be one of the most damaging emergencies to happen in your home. Unfortunately, with fire comes other hidden damages that you may not think of if you have not experienced this before.

Secondary damages beyond just those created by the flames are often present. It’s important that you’re aware of these potential issues to ensure that you received full compensation.


Some tell-tale signs that your home also has smoke and soot damage is odor, staining on walls and upholstery and rusting on metal. Airborne soot can go undetected, which poses an even more dangerous risk. This is not a clean-up you can do yourself and hiring a professional is likely covered by your insurance.

If not cleaned properly, there can be long term health affects to your eyes, skin and lungs. The longer the soot remains in your home, the harder it is to get rid of, so hiring a professional right away is crucial.


After the fire is put out, everything inside your home and structurally will be soaked in water. Therefore, water damage is also a repercussion of a fire. Water damage can lead to mold, and most severely black mold. When inhaled, black mold can cause nausea, headaches and breathing issues.

It is important after the fire is put out to hire a professional to dry the space and ensure there is no mold present so the rest of the restorations can occur.

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