Property Insurance Claim Checklist: What Your Public Adjuster Needs to Settle Your Claim

Life is full of surprises, and disasters that require you to file an insurance claim, this will always fall into that category. When your property is impacted by a hurricane, flood, tornado, windstorm, fire or any other disaster, you expect your insurer to hold up their end of the deal and cover the damages.

However, when the settlement offer is returned, it’s often fall less that what is necessary to recover from the loss. That’s when you’ll know it’s time to get your ducks in a row, and fight for what you’re owed. This is where an experienced Public Adjuster steps in to assist you.

But before your Public Adjuster can begin to negotiate your claim, as the property owner, you’ll need to provide him or her with several items which they will need to begin the claim settlement process.

Here is a checklist of items you should be prepared to provide to your public adjuster to begin the claims settlement process:

  • All your contact information – Your mobile, home, and work telephone numbers, a mailing address, and the contact information for the insurance company’s adjuster that’s been assigned to your claim.
  • Copies of all policy documents and information- including the declaration page, Policy, and appendices for the time of the loss.
  • Records of all current and previous correspondence between you and your insurance company.
  • All estimates /checks produced by your insurance company adjuster.
  • Any bids, estimates, and recommendations provided by your insurer.
  • Receipts for replacements, emergency maintenance, or other activities done due to the loss.
  • Receipts for every month that you’ve had to seek alternative accommodation in a hotel, a house, dinner receipts, etc., of additional living costs due to inability to make use of your home, laundry or kitchen, etc. (Remember, these expenses are usually reimbursed if there are receipts to back them.)
  • Comprehensive list of any damaged contents. If you have owner’s manuals, serial numbers of a warranty/purchase info, provide that as well. Do your best to include a complete inventory with description of the item, date of purchase, the current cost of replacing the item, and the age of the item.
  • Photographs of the loss. Before AND after photos if you have them are ideal. Make sure copies are saved somewhere safe, like in the cloud (Google Drive) so they’re safe.

Have questions about your property insurance claim? Feel free to contact Stark Loss for more information about how a Public Adjuster can help.

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