Property Insurance Claim Denied? Here’s What You Should Do Next

So, you’ve had a loss at your home or commercial property. You call your insurance provider and submit your property claim, only to receive notice shortly thereafter that the claim has been DENIED.

Unfortunately, most people have no idea how to proceed once a claim has been denied. Is this decision final? Are there other options to challenge this decision?

First, let’s understand some of the common sources of denial:

Policy Language

Often the language used when the insurance company interviews the insured after a loss causes confusion and misunderstanding. The insurance company may use industry terminology and legal jargon unfamiliar to the client, which can result in the claim being reported incorrectly.

Incorrect Documentation

Filing an insurance claim requires submitting a number of documents to provide proof and to abide by certain legalities for compensation. Sometimes the insurance company asks for documents that the property owner can’t find or is unable to complete. This can also lead to claim denial.


We hope that our insurance company will always stand behind their obligation to compensate us in the event of a loss. Unfortunately, we’ve seen situations where an insurance company will refer to an exclusion that is not necessarily applicable in the particular situation, just to avoid paying the claim.

If you receive notice that your claim has been denied. Here are some things you should do right away:

Review Your Policy

Sometimes denied coverage can result from a misunderstanding on the part of your insurance company. If you know your rights under your property insurance policy, you can bring any discrepancies to your insurance adjuster’s attention to contest the denial.

Document Your Loss

Document everything. Taking pictures and video of property damage from the very beginning is always a best practice. Sometimes a claim may be denied due to insufficient evidence of your loss. Keep a document that describes the time, date, and circumstances surrounding the damage.

Contact a Public Adjuster

Dealing with a claim denial can be difficult. One way to level the playing field is to hire an experienced public adjuster to represent your best interests.

A good public adjuster will a review your policy and advise you on your coverage rights. And while it can be difficult for a property owner to fully understand all the intricate details of an insurance policy, Public Adjusters settle claims every day and know all the ways insurance companies try to avoid paying covered losses.

Have questions about your property insurance claim? Feel free to contact Stark Loss for more information about how a Public Adjuster can help.

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