Public Adjusters – Frequently Asked Questions

As Public Adjusters, one of the biggest obstacles we face is educating property owners about how we can assist them with their insurance claims. The truth is that the vast majority of property owners have no idea that they have the legal right to secure their own adjuster to represent them in the claims process.

And trust us ­– this isn’t information that your insurance company is going to make you aware of. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Public Adjusters and the services we provide:

Q: What does a Public Adjuster do?

A: It’s simple. We work for YOU, the insured. Following a loss to your home or business, it is our job to represent your best interests and ensure that you receive a fair and equitable settlement from your insurance company.

Q: How do public adjusters contribute to the claims process?

A: We are trained, experienced and qualified to handle every aspect of your residential or commercial loss. We handle claims every single day and know all the tricks insurance companies use to get out of paying full-value. When necessary, we will engage additional experts and appraisers to evaluate damages to your sophisticated building components, systems and equipment, antiques, art and jewelry to ensure these items are properly valued in your claim.

Q: Can I just settle my own claim?

A: Sure, you have that option. But the insurance claims process can be tricky. Insurance policies are complex legal documents with often vague wording that can be open to interpretation. Insurance companies know this and use it to their advantage. It can be difficult for people without a background in insurance to negotiate, and that lack of knowledge puts them at a disadvantage. Public Adjusters are experts when it comes to navigating policies and coverages

Q: What type of losses do you handle?

A: We can handle every type of covered building and personal property loss that may occur to your business, property or home. This includes fire, smoke and soot damages, hurricane and other wind and storm-related damages, water damage caused by many different types of perils, lightning, collapse, theft and vandalism as well as claims for loss of rental income, loss of business income, code upgrades, additional living expenses and extra expenses. We also handle earthquakes, flood, mold and other losses that are covered by very specific insurance policies.

Q: How do Public Adjusters get paid?

A: There’s no upfront charge for our services. We are paid a small percentage of your insurance settlement, which is clearly established and agreed to by both parties before any work begins. Because our compensation is percentage based, we are incentivized to settle your claim for the maximum amount possible. And we do not collect our fee until AFTER you have received your settlement from the insurance company.

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