The 4 Most Common Homeowner Insurance Claims

Having to file a claim with your property insurance company is never fun! However, disasters happen, and when they do, you’ll be glad you’re covered.

In this blog, we’ll highlight some of the most common types of insurance claims for homeowners. Hopefully this will help you minimize the chances of these situations happening to you!

Water Damage

Water damage is the most common type of property insurance claim. It could be a damaged roof that leaks, a frozen/burst pipe, or a water heater failure. The best way to avoid these types of claims is to simply make sure that you take good care of your house with property maintenance and keep an eye out for signs of potential failure before they happen.

Windstorm Damage

Wind damage can be extremely damaging to your home. Roof damage, missing shingles, or worse – the dreaded tree strike! If your property has trees, especially large ones, you should take special care, since in storms or strong winds the tree can either fall or lose branches.

Fire Damage

Fire is among the most destructive of types of property damage. Not only the areas impacted by the flames, but the residual soot and odors that linger in the property are a nightmare to clean up. To add insult to injury, in large fire situations the water used by the fire fighters to extinguish the blaze results in additional water damage!

Pet-Related Claims

Most people are surprised by this one! While we all love our pets, many homeowners don’t always consider how much having pets increases the odds of pets damaging property or causing injuries to people. Remember, some dog breeds are excluded from insurance policies because it’s been determined that they represent a high statistical risk of claims.

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