Tips for Documenting Property Damage After a Loss

Why Document the Damage?

Property damage is stressful enough without having to worry about miscommunication between you and your insurance company. Documenting the damage that has occurred before any remediation begins is crucial in limiting any back and forth. A photo is worth a thousand words and that is why photo evidence of the damage is so powerful.

Tips on Proper Documentation

Knowing what to take pictures of and what is unnecessary can be confusing in the aftermath of a disaster. We recommend taking photos of both the outside and inside of the home where damage has occurred. In the event of a fire, asking neighbors and new stations if they have a documentation, is also a good idea. When it comes time for you to take photos, start on the outside photographing damage to any fencing, gardening, and security systems.

Next, enter through the front door taking photos of entire rooms including ceiling, walls and floors. After that, take individual photos of any damage, such as ceiling fans, windows, base boards and any custom treatments. Be sure to also take photos of closet doors and inside closets. This way, you have a thorough view of the damage to your property.

Staying Safe While Removing Debris

Entering a home after a fire can be extremely dangerous. Before doing so, make sure that is has been declared safe to enter. To stay safe, you will need to protect yourself with a face mask, boots, gloves and protective clothing. It is only okay to move or get rid of things after your insurance agent has given you the go ahead. Otherwise, leave everything where it is until the proper inspection has occurred.

Document Construction

After debris removal, be sure to document what remains. It is important to document what is left after debris removal so that the insurance adjuster can see all the damage. If while remodeling the contractor finds more damage, be sure to photograph it. Continuing the documentation all the way through remodeling process ensures everything is communicated to your insurance company with proof to support it.

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