Water Damaged Kitchen Cabinets – Are You Covered?

One of the most common questions when it comes to property insurance is whether your kitchen cabinets are covered for water damage. In some cases, they may be replaced in the event of water damage. In other situations, there may be coverage for repairs to be made.

If there is negligence on the homeowners part, there likely will be no coverage. There is no definitive answer to this as it really all depends on your individual policy.

When IS water damage covered?

In most situations, if the damage is out of the homeowners control, it is likely covered by insurance.

Some examples of situations out of the homeowners control would be a leak in kitchen plumbing that is not visible, leakage from draining that is undetectable, unforeseen failure of plumbing or drainage equipment or an overflow of water. These are all occurrences that are out of the homeowners control and for that reason, are normally covered by insurance.

When is water damage NOT covered?

 If the leak is visible or could have been repaired by the owners, it will not be covered. If there is a recurring leak that is visible and has gone untreated, drain leakage that could have been repaired or an overflow due to a clog in plumbing, the damage to the cabinets would not be covered by insurance.

What exactly is covered when it comes to the damage?

If the damage is widespread and unrepairable, the insurance company will likely replace the cabinets. In other cases where the damage is repairable, that is likely the route that will be taken. You will be compensated in these three main areas:

  • Repair Cost: The insurance company will cover the cost to repair or replace the cabinets, depending on the level of damage and your specific policy.
  • Cost of Living: If the damage is so severe that the space is unlivable during the repairs, your insurance company will pay for temporary living arrangements, like a hotel.
  • Personal Property Cost: Depending on your policy, your personal items, like the cabinets, other appliances and belongings will be covered.

Something to keep in mind in the event of cabinet damage is the insurance company is not required to match the color of the cabinets to how they were prior to the damage. Painting the cabinets to match how they were before the damage will be up to the owners.

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