What We Do

We handle every type of claim.

We are experts in understanding the complex details and terms of your business & commercial insurance policies.

Business Interuption

Cover the amounts you would be expected to earn if the disaster had not happened and suspended your operations.


Navigate the complex policy provisions and insurance interpretations when a collapse occurs


Partial or extensive fire damage claims can be especially complex as fire creates several different types of damage.


Flood insurance policies are very different than standard property insurance policies and are underwritten only by FEMA


With hail damage affect more than just rooftops and vehicles. Small dents today can lead to bigger problems tomorrow.


Hurricane claims are often handled by CAT Adjusters who likely do not understand your local area. An advocate will protect your interests.


We immediately help you organize a plan to handle your water damage then work on your behalf and negotiate with your insurance company.


We are experienced in all aspects of wind-related damage, hidden and visible. We will evaluate and document your damage in full detail and negotiate for a maximum claim recovery.

Winter Damage

Buildings and homes can experience a wide range of winter storm damage. We help you document visible and hidden damage and negotiate your settlement.

Want To Level The Playing Field?

Stark Loss Consultants works for you to ensure you get a Maximum Claim Payment from your insurance company.
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