Public Sectors

A catastrophic event damages or destroys community property or infrastructure. Your leading focus turns to the safety of all within your community, limiting damages, and preserving operations to maintain order.

Do you have resources, time, or the ability to properly capture all damages then properly present and adjust your claim with your insurance company? Your insurance company will attempt to limit their financial exposure to your claim by sending their own team to assess the damage then determine what to pay you. Do you have your own team who can you trust to protect your interests?

From Federal and State office buildings, to infrastructure, Port Authorities, National Parks, and Universities, Stark Loss Consultants can help prepare, present, manage and settle your claim. With our ability to assemble an experienced team of professionals who have a thorough understanding of local laws, regulations, and policies involving disaster, we make certain that our client receives maximum indemnification from their insurer, mitigating any unnecessary costs which could be passed down to your taxpayers from inadequate claim handling.

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Stark Loss Consultants works for you to ensure you get a Maximum Claim Payment from your insurance company.
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