Collapse can occur from sudden natural disasters or hidden causes, such as insufficient construction methods and draining systems, decay and infestation, that over time compromised the structural integrity of your property. Even heavy collection of rainwater and snow on your rooftop can lead to roof damage and be considered a cause.

Your insurance policy may state exclusions or limitations related to these causes that could limit coverage if your property suffers collapse damages. It can leave you susceptible to an unreasonable damage assessment by your insurance company.
The question is: Is the damage to your property partial or total?

Your insurance company’s team will interpret your policy and scope the extent of the damage to determine what is covered under your insurance policy. Their opinion of the damages is just that, an opinion.

Who is on your team working to protect your interests? It is in your best interest to ensure that you are well represented by professionals who understand your situation, the language within your insurance policy, and how that language can be used to maximize the claim benefit.

Public Adjuster insurance claim settlement from storm damage

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