You’ve experienced flood damage and are likely overwhelmed with a rush of outside opinions on how to best handle your situation and insurance claim. Our team of public adjusters are here to help you take a step back and make an informed decision about the best way to proceed.

Flood insurance policies are very different than standard property insurance policies and are underwritten only by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency).  Flood adjusters must follow strict estimating and adjustment guidelines. In part, flood adjusters have to include specific language to their repair estimate prior to insurance company approval and payment. Presenting a claim to your insurance company without comprehensive understanding of flood policy and estimating guidelines WILL be detrimental to you receiving the maximum claim benefit.

Additionally, as flooding results in damage to multiple properties, the volume of claims can lead to a complicated and stalled insurance claim process with your insurance company. Presenting a claim without flood policy knowledge will likely delay the process further. 

By working with our public adjusters, though, there is no need to wade through these convoluted issues. We work with you as partners and advocates to assess, evaluate, properly document your flood damage per the policy, and negotiate on your behalf resulting in a maximum claim recovery. 

Flood damage home owners insurance claim settled with public adjuster

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