A windstorm can wreak havoc on your property, puncturing roofs and walls, tearing roofs off in their entirety, breaking windows, and damaging gas and water lines. In many instances, you may not be able to see the damage with the naked eye. You could have a cracked foundation or a loosened roof. How will you know if your property is safe?

Further, does your insurance policy fully cover such devastation? Should your roof and/or siding be repaired or replaced due to match-ability, age and condition? Will local building codes force the hand of the insurance company into making substantial upgrades?

We are experienced all aspects of wind-related damage, hidden and visible. Our team of public adjusters will evaluate and document your damage in full detail and negotiate with your insurance company for a maximum claim recovery. As your trusted advocates, we make sure you obtain the settlement you need to properly rebuild your property and business.

Tree fell on house damaged insurance company settled with public adjuster

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