You’ve suffered a house fire. You came home to your house flooded due to a failed hot water tank or a toilet overflow. A windstorm blew shingles off of your roof and damaged the siding. Your pipes froze and water is pouring out of your cabinets. Now what?

Can you handle the claim on your own? Maybe. Do you want to handle the claim on your own? Not likely.

Our team of public adjusters will lift the insurance claim burden in its entirety. We understand your priorities during this crucial time and are here as your trusted advisors and advocates. By fully documenting, substantiating and negotiating every aspect of your insurance claim, our experts will level the playing field to ensure that you receive the settlement you are entitled to.

In part, we will:

  • Meet with you and explain the entire claims process.
  • Analyze your insurance policy to ensure maximum claim recovery
  • Work with your insurance company directly
  • Coordinate all emergency services to prevent further damages
  • Develop repair scope for all building damages and inventory all personal property
  • Prepare, present, and support our claim package with your insurance company
    Negotiate the best possible settlement for you in the shortest amount of time

Let us take on the stress of preparing, presenting, negotiating and settling your claim. Our team of public adjusters’ expansive knowledge and extensive experience will produce the most favorable settlement while you focus on what matter most, you and your family’s wellbeing.

Want To Level The Playing Field?

Stark Loss Consultants works for you to ensure you get a Maximum Claim Payment from your insurance company.
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