Unfortunately, there have been many occasions where homeowners and business owners do not have adequate insurance coverage due to the underwriter’s improperly assessing and categorizing hurricane and subsequent water damage to their property.

When large catastrophic events occur, such as a hurricane, insurance companies call on adjusters called “Cat Adjusters” from out of state to help with the high claim volume. Although these adjusters help with the immediate need of insurance company from a claims handling standpoint, they are usually detrimental to the policy holders claim. Here’s why…

  • Most Cat Adjusters, being from out of State are not familiar with local building methods, building codes and state regulated insurance statues. This unfamiliarity will can a substantial effect on the repair scope limiting the payout by the insurance company.
  • Cat Adjusters are usually in the affected area for a short duration, generally 3 months. When additional damage is found, another Cat Adjuster, also likely from out of state, will take over the claim. This process will likely continue for the duration of the claim.
  • Cat Adjusters do not account for supply and demand. The cost to repair your property will increase as the supply of contractors is reduced. Not accounting for market condition will adversely affect your claim.
  • Cat Adjusters are instructed by the insurance companies to write visible damages only. They are not permitted by the insurance company to use moisture meters that can determine if wall is wet on the inside. These “hidden damages” will likely cause a mold issues down the road which are subject to the minimum mold endorsement coverage if left unchecked.

As you begin to make decisions to maintain and restore your home or business, a crucial decision can be to hire a public adjuster immediately. Without a proper grasp on this situation and a thorough understanding of your insurance policy, you, the business owner or homeowner, will be at a significant disadvantage.
If such a disaster occurs to your property, you can be sure that we will be with you from start to finish.

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