With hail damage, it is not just rooftops and vehicles. Hail can ruin siding, windows, sheds, landscaping, and outdoor equipment and furniture. Small dents today can lead to bigger problems tomorrow, such as a leaking roof that could compromise your home.

Depending on the type of roof, the extent of the property damage can go undetected or be difficult to measure. For example, a typical fully adhered rubber roof with tapered insulation board below will likely not show signs of hail damage from the surface. However, cracking may be found on the insulation board below the rubber that will lead to a reduction in the roof’s life span and performance. This type of impact damage, not seen without exploratory work, would warrant that the insurance company pay for complete roof replacement should a minimum percentage of roof area be affected. Do you have the recourses and knowledge to present this type of claim to your insurance company?

Our public adjusters understand the full scope of hail damage and will work with you to evaluate and document your property damage in detail and negotiate a claim with your insurance company to get you a fair settlement for your home or business in order to recover.

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