Why Choose Us

Why hire SLC?

It’s simple. We work for YOU, the insured. Following a loss to your home or business, it is our job to represent your best interests and ensure that you receive a fair and equitable settlement from your insurance company.

We are trained, experienced and qualified to handle every aspect of your residential or commercial loss. When necessary, we will engage additional experts and appraisers to evaluate damages to your sophisticated building components, systems and equipment, antiques, art and jewelry to ensure these items are properly valued in your claim.

Managing an insurance claim can be overwhelming, especially if you are not familiar with the very complex world of insurance coverage. We relieve you from that burden. SLC will arrange for emergency services, document and value your damages, prepare and present a detailed claim to your insurance company’s representative and negotiate the best possible settlement on your behalf.

What types of losses does SLC handle?

We are able to handle every type of covered building and personal property loss that may occur to your business, property or home. Some examples are: fire, smoke and soot damages, hurricane and other wind and storm-related damages, water damage caused by many different types of perils, lightning, collapse, theft and vandalism as well as claims for loss of rental income, loss of business income, code upgrades, additional living expenses and extra expenses.

We also handle earthquake, flood, mold and other losses that are covered by very specific insurance policies.

How is SLC paid?

We are paid a small percentage of your insurance settlement, which is determined at the very beginning of our work on your claim and agreed to by both parties. We collect our fee after you have received your insurance proceeds.

Want To Level The Playing Field?

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